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Activity to help visitors to Cambrils learn more about fishing and uncover a wealth of immaterial experiences and knowledge handed down from generation to generation.

Two unique and pioneering seagoing experiences in the whole Peninsula where you can enjoy the best the Mediterranean Sea has to offer.

Anyone that has always wanted to know what the fisherman's trade is like can share a day's fishing on a real fishing boat from morning to afternoon.

PESCA TURISME (ACTIVE FISHING TOURISM) is an activity where you can actually watch fishermen working aboard a fishing boat. The boat sets sail at 7 am and comes back around 5 pm.

Visitors spend the entire day fishing alongside expert professionals, helping them in their daily work. A unique opportunity to gauge the sensations of life and work aboard a fishing boat, enjoy a genuine on-board meal with the rest of the crew, and take an active part in casting and drawing in the nets, and you can help to sort and unload the catch. So if you want to help them to fish, just step up!

Quite an experience, one that is not to be missed.

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The TURISME PESQUER activity is a more relaxing alternative to the active fishing tour, since you leave the port of Cambrils at the time arranged in a pleasure boat and sail to where the fishermen work and cast their trawl nets. From there, they will explain the different kinds of fishing tackle and the treasures of the Mediterranean Sea. You will then be taken to a seaside restaurant to enjoy the delights of Cambrils' seafood restaurants, and dishes such as the "ranxo mariner" (sailor's fare)

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