Ajuntament de Cambrils
Ajuntament de Cambrils
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Cambrils, accessible to everyone.

Cambrils has an accessibility guide for the disabled, with information on specific aspects of accessibility in hotels, restaurants and bars, camping facilities, public facilities or amenities, parks, beaches and other kinds that is available in our offices for anyone interested.


What is more, we offer any groups that so wish the possibility to enjoy the ROUTE OF THE SENSES. This is a tour for groups of young people and groups of people with special needs, during which they discover the essence of the port through the 5 senses; hearing, touch, taste, smell and sight.

For example, they can touch different types of sand, the sewing needles used to mend fishing nets, smell bottles with the aromas of plants from the Fisherman's Park, put their ear to a sea shell to hear the sound of the waves, and also receive explanations about fishing tackle, plays games like "guess the fish" and hear stories about the pirates of the Port Tower.

Any groups interested in this tour should contact us on 977 792307

Tourist Board of Cambrils Address: Passeig de les Palmeres, 1 43850 Cambrils (Tarragona). Tel. 977 79 23 07 Fax. 977 79 26 25

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